The Madness Has Arrived

The organized chaos is here and here at GameDay Films we have packed a conference room filled with some of the most brilliant sports minds known to man in order to find a solution to the age old question; how should one approach filing out their bracket? We had everything from passionate arguments to foolish behavior as the love for the most chaotic tournament known to Earth took a hold of all of us and the picks started flying. The theories that circled the conference room could be considered eclectic at best and down right insane when even an office pet is brought in for consultation but insanity is only relevant if you are not discussing the one thing that brings people young and old together; sports. We had one creative director flip coins from the states each team was playing in to give him an edge, another have a fashionista approach by consulted the uniforms and their colors, and the most epic was having a dog choose treats of different sizes to make the picks (the bigger ones belonging to the higher seated team)! 
At the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer until someone is keeping score so as the tournament progresses we will give you a view into the updated standings of what the greatest minds in sports ended up with! Let the Madness begin! 

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