The Underdog Story: Emery/Weiner brings home the TAPPS State Championship

Houston, TX 5/20/2017 - Stella Link. 

When alarms go off this morning a handful of young men across the city of Houston will be waking up with a feeling unlike anything they have ever experienced before; that feeling you get when you have achieved some thing monuments and all you can do is smile. Standing as underdogs throughout the entire State Championship Tournament a band of brothers described as Jaguars took on what some will describe as superior foes on the road to the TAPPS State Championship.

Emery/Weiner School will be forever edged in the baseball history books after taking on a short odds favorite in the semi final game led by a star studded coaching staff and persevering against all odds. Days after they spent two hours on the road to make the short trip up to Concordia University for the State Championship final where they capped off the perfect ending to their Cinderella story. Seconds after the last pitch at Concordia University time seemed to almost stand still for the Jaguars as reality set in. The Jaguars beat Fort Worth Christian to win the TAPPS Baseball State Championship! 

GameDay Films would like to congratulate The Emery/Weiner Jaguars on winning the TAPPS baseball state championship and reminding all of us how fun it is to dance with Cinderella. 

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