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Congrats POLL Champions!!

Congratulations to all the players and coaches who participated in the big games at Post Oak Little League last night. The crowds were out of control in an incredibly entertaining and family friendly environment. Thank you to all the organizers of the league and volunteers that made such an incredible season happen.

Champions Roll Call: 

In the Pee Wee Division we had a barn burner that ended up with the Pee Wee Mustangs on bring home the gold by beating the Pee Wee Irish, 15-9 respectively. The young 'Stangs got out early and never looked back, finishing...

The Underdog Story: Emery/Weiner brings home the TAPPS State Championship

The Underdog Story: Emery/Weiner brings home the TAPPS State Championship

Houston, TX 5/20/2017 - Stella Link. 

When alarms go off this morning a handful of young men across the city of Houston will be waking up with a feeling unlike anything they have ever experienced before; that feeling you get when you have achieved some thing monuments and all you can do is smile. Standing as underdogs throughout the entire State Championship Tournament a band of brothers described as Jaguars took on what some will describe as superior foes on the road to the TAPPS State Championship.

Emery/Weiner School will be forever edged in the baseball history...

2017 Post Oak Little League Playoffs: Minors Skeeters vs Lake Monsters

The action was ferocious last night at the Post Oak Little League fields where the Minor Lake Monsters squared off against the stingy Skeeters. The semi finals game drew a massive crowd as the POLL families filled the stands for this heavily anticipated game but unfortunately for the Skeeters the Lake Monsters seemed to be the stingy ones as they got out in front early and never looked back. Led by their starting pitcher Parrish Facciponte, the Lake Monsters gave up on only 2 runs and hit the skin off of the baseball by putting up 13 of...

The Madness Has Arrived

The Madness Has Arrived

The organized chaos is here and here at GameDay Films we have packed a conference room filled with some of the most brilliant sports minds known to man in order to find a solution to the age old question; how should one approach filing out their bracket? We had everything from passionate arguments to foolish behavior as the love for the most chaotic tournament known to Earth took a hold of all of us and the picks started flying. The theories that circled the conference room could...