GDF Performance

GDF Performance handles all your coach film needs

GameDay Performance is the one-stop shop for coaches when it comes to all their filming needs. Our company will execute everything, from capturing your every desired angle to the playing field to delivering the footage mere hours after the event.

Let us help you win

Whether we are helping a Pee Wee team get to the championship or the best high school team in a given state, GDF Performance is the easiest way for a sports program to have coach's footage taken care off. You coach and leave all the filming components to us!

How GDF Performance Works

Details of What We Do

  • Travel to the game
  • Capture your coaches footage from your desired angles in the way you want it
    • Note: If there is not a high angle, we provide the equipment necessary to execute the job
  • Deliver it to you shortly after the game
  • We manage all the footage all season long to make sure your team is getting what they need to keep on winning!

Other GDF Performance Offerings

  • Scout Footage: We can go capture scout footage for your team to make sure you are ready for your opponent!
  • Expedited delivery of game footage
  • Hudl and Krossover partnerships to facilitate the delivery and upload
  • Uploading and editing of all footage we capture

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Please contact us at, call 832-743-5450, or drop us a line below!